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Brand Promise

Tobacco is more than a plant to us. It is a passion, a lifestyle, a tradition, an art. At SAMARA, we believe Smoke the Best forget the Rest.

Flavor & Tobacco Expert

At SAMARA, we understand that ingredient sourcing is the most crucial step and so we use bourbon barrel aged hookah tobacco as main ingredients

Brand Identity

SAMARA stands for the best combination of natural tobacco (French Virginia) and flavoring scientifically through Flavor expert’s formulation.

SAMARA Flavored Tobacco

Brand Vision

SAMARA bring a rare combination of the first bourbon barrel aged hookah tobacco using only the most premium Flavors

Smoking hookah

At SAMARA, we believe there is no Mu‘assel alternative for white smoke and that everything our expertise formulation gives

Brand Philosophy

We are against hiding of ingredients and list out every small element that goes in the product and take extra care while manufacturing